Report: The CIA Tried To Buy Dirt On President Trump From A Shady Russian Operative Who They Paid $100k In Cash

Alex Thomas
February 10th, 2018

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Another day, another revelation that elements of the United States intelligence community have been, and may still be, actively working against President Donald Trump.

This time the news comes in the form of a  from The New York Times that paints a clear picture of a CIA determined to obtain dirt on the democratically elected president, even if they had to use dubious Russian sources in order to do so.

The report, while openly attempting to portray the American intelligence operatives as the good guys, nonetheless reveals that the CIA paid $100,000 last year to a Russian operative who had claimed he could provide derogatory information about Trump, including a fake new video tape of him with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room.

The Daily Caller reports:

American spies made contact with the Russia early

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