She Wants To “Close Down Planned Parenthood And Deport The Dreamers”: NBC’s Law & Order: SVU Depicts Sickening Rape Of Female Conservative Journalist Whose Attacker Goes Free

While most conservative Americans are aware of the fact that both Hollywood and the mainstream media outright hate them, NBC has taken it to a whole new level with a recent episode of their highly popular police procedural Law & Order: SVU depicting the violent rape of a conservative journalist whose attacker is eventually let go.

In what is essentially a liberal rape fantasy, the show follows conservative personality Martha Cobb who is seen delivering a speech to a crowd of Trump supporters, depicted as racists of course, that rips liberal snowflakes and their politically correct views.

Cobb’s speech is cut short when a gang of Antifa protesters shows up and begins to clash with the mob of white supremacists. As the violence amps up, Cobb disappears only to reappear in a later scene unconscious in an alley after being beaten and raped by one of the hard-left protesters.

Shockingly, the

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