Stock Market Collapse Coming Autumn 2020?! Signs Of Trouble As We Make The Turn Toward The Fall

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Throughout the past several months, we have been watching one of the most insanely exuberant stock market rallies ever documented in US history. Since the health outbreak started to spread across the nation, the Federal Reserve took the cue to print a colossal amount of money, arguing it would do whatever it took to rescue the financial markets. 3 trillion dollars of money printed out of thin air later, it was clear that their strategy backfired. The reckless policy enacted by the institution served as a catalyst to the biggest speculative boom ever witnessed, but now it seems that this boom is being braked by its inherent limitations. It is exactly for this reason that today we are going to talk about the signs of trouble as we are making a turn towards the fall. There is no escape from the end-game. Even though the stock market has remained resilient up to this point, it won’t stand for much longer. Stay tuned with us and don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe button to help our community to grow.
We have discussed on several videos how the mainstream media tends to sugarcoat reality in order to keep us alienated and tamed. Of course, not all mainstream media propagate misinformation, but yet they try to keep the intensity of the issues toned down. However, when even the mainstream media starts to warn that circumstances are adding to a breaking point, we have our first signal right there. For instance, although stock prices kept escalating higher and higher over the past few weeks – a fact that could certainly be used to defend the economy is rebounding – CNN admitted that this is “the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes”. And even more: it is also admitting that the positivity around an economic recovery is probably unfounded.

Moreover, on Thursday, The Dow Jones Industrial Average has dropped 807.77 points – or 2.8% – to 28,292.73 setting its biggest one-day decline since June 11. For its part, the S&P 500 fell 3.5% to 3,455.06, and the Nasdaq Composite was down by 5%, closing at 11,458.10. Friday may also be very challenging for Wall Street, especially considering the documented pattern that many of the greatest stock market crashes in history have happened in the fall, and many investors are trying to bail out before this latest bubble bursts dramatically, which could also be considered as a sign of trouble on this economic downfall. Another peculiarity is the fact that tech stocks, which have been the market leader since the latest rally began in late March, had suffered its biggest drop in months on Thursday, and could eventually start driving the market in the opposite direction.

That is to say, some of the biggest names in the tech universe were deeply affected recently, with Apple shares falling 8% having its biggest one-day decline since March 16. While Amazon and Netflix were both dropped down more than 4%. Facebook fell by 3.8%, and Microsoft, by 6.2%. Alphabet slipped by 5.1%. In addition, the S&P 500 tech sector closed 5.83% lower, breaking a 10-day winning streak. Also, the sector registered its biggest one-day loss since March.
Even Tesla has been completely smashed over the past several days, with shares slipping to 9% on Thursday, “building on the stock’s recent losses after the company’s largest outside shareholder reduced its position, and after the automaker said it would raise up to $5 billion in a new share offering. With Thursday’s decline, the stock is more than 18% below Monday’s close, a day when the name surged following its stock split,” CNBC informed. All these sudden drops are also signaling that it is not only harder by the day to keep the financial system running, as it isn’t far from reaching its turning point.

Also, it’s intriguing to remark that the stock market also peaked in early September in 1929, as the following quote from Sven Henrich remembers: “September 3rd marked the top in 1929 following a furious rally fueled by wild optimism, excessive retail speculative behavior, and markets disconnecting far above the fundamentals of the economy”. As Michael Snyder wisely noted, “history doesn’t always repeat, but it often rhymes”. If you’re interested in learning about the recent state of the economy and the development of the US economic collapse, his books can serve as a guide to you. Although Wall Street investors had chosen to ignore the dimension of the collapse to seize their little moment of unprecedented profit at the expense of the economic ruination, everything seems to be pointing out that the storm is already here.”

Epic Economist

Epic Economist

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