Surviving a Mad Max World: How To Avoid Marauders and Looters After the Collapse

This article was originally published by Jeremiah Johnson at Ready Nutrition

[Editor’s Note: A mad max scenario is one of the worst-case scenarios one can prepare for. The adage “if you can’t protect you don’t own it” rings true in this case. Long-term survival plans that reflect this type of disaster suggest preppers getting away from urban and suburban living and heading for hills. While this would be the safest option, there are dangers that lurk for those who plan to “live off the land.” Because in a post-collapse world – they will come for all that you own.]

Seems almost self-explanatory, right? I mean, what could be so involved with the term “living with the land,” right? There is a lot to it. There’s a reason to do this:

Living with the land will help you to live, and avoid the greatest hunter of all: man. Men…mankind…has the same

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