Syrian Air Defense Downs Israeli F-16

Throughout years of US-led aggression on Syria, Israel attacked its territory numerous times – by air and cross-border shelling.

It’s unclear if any of its warplanes were hit before – most often operating from Lebanese or its own airspace.

Pre-dawn Saturday, Syria’s air defense downed an Israeli F-16 operating west of Damascus. An IDF spokesman said the plane crashed, its pilots safe after ejecting, adding they’re hospitalized in stable condition.

Preceding the incident, Israel downed what it called an Iranian drone, most likely a Syrian one called Iranian.

Netanyahu and IDF leadership together with Washington seek pretexts to escalate war on Syria more than already.

IDF spokesman General Ronen Manelis lied, saying Iran conducted “a dangerous attack on Israeli territory,” adding:

“This is a serious breach of Israeli sovereignty by Iran…dragging the region into an adventure, and it will pay the price” – a ominous warning, Israel and Washington

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