The Health Dangers of Beryllium

The extensive use of toxic metals in industry and consumer products has resulted in a toxic metal proliferation in our daily lives and environment. Metals are not biodegradable and can remain in the environment to produce a variety of negative effects. Toxic metal exposure has been linked to organ damage and some metals have the potential to cause cancer.

What is Beryllium?

Beryllium is an industrial metal with some attractive attributes. It’s lighter than aluminum and 6x stronger than steel. It’s usually combined with other metals and is a key component in the aerospace and electronics industries. Beryllium is also used in the production of nuclear weapons. With that, you may not be surprised to learn that beryllium is one of the most toxic elements in existence. Beryllium is a Class A EPA carcinogen and exposure can cause Chronic Beryllium Disease, an often fatal lung disease. [1]

Sources of Beryllium

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