The One Chart All Investors Should See Before 2018

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Pay close attention to this cobalt chart. Demand could be about to surge from 2k tonnes today… to over 300k tonnes in 2030.  That’s a 14,900% increase in demand.

This cobalt chart is the only one you really need to understand. Simply: Cobalt is never going to be cheap again, thanks to the electric vehicle revolution and a massive supply chain bottleneck coming out of Africa.

Data Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Not only will investors never find cheap cobalt again, but all indications suggest that cobalt prices could go even higher. Smart investors are now looking for the small cobalt miners whose share prices will likely go up in tandem with cobalt’s underlying price.

And one little-known company is bursting out of the gate with impressive finds of ‘safe cobalt’—not the ‘conflict cobalt’ under major scrutiny in the Democratic Republic

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