The Trojan Horse and How It Destroys American Citizenship

Leave it to the liberal. Some things around here get left to the liberal to say because sure as shooting as soon as they get said, the crows are going to fly. So, OK, fine, I’ll say them, but first, we’re going to get something out of the way. I must, in all humility offer insult to one of America’s Gods, and I’ll be damned if I will do so without first pointing out that I liked this guy. My dad edited speeches for him, and once I even attended a weekend private rodeo where he was present, and I liked him then, even as a very young boy. I worked ceaselessly on his first term candidacy, and won a position as republican precinct chair in my county in order to support him to the fullest extent of my abilities. And, I loved him, right up until he uttered

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