Turkey Accuses US of Supporting ISIS, Ignores Its Own Support

[image: © John Van Hasselt/Corbis]

Turkish/US relations are strained. Its rapprochement with Russia and normalized ties with Iran, including trade relations with both countries, infuriates Washington.

It has NATO’s second largest military, Ankara increasingly leaning East over West, a sore spot for US-dominated NATO.

Weeks earlier, President Erdogan said “(t)hey went crazy (in Washington) because we made the S-400 (air defense system) agreement” with Russia.

He’s furious over US support for Syrian Kurdish YPG fighters, considers them an extension of Turkey’s outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

On Friday, he accused Washington of supporting ISIS, along with failing to stop supporting Kurdish forces in Syrian areas liberated from its fighters, saying:

Washington “said they were fighting Daesh (ISIS), but what did they do instead?” Gave Daesh a load of dollars.”

“We do not want to enter into an allied relationship with them on Afrin (in northern Syria). The United States has constantly

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