Exposing Iran’s TRAP to Trigger Global War | Ep 316

Are we on the brink of global war? Is Israel ground zero? Did the brutal attack on October 7, 2023, have a bigger purpose? Al Qaeda hoped that 9/11 would provoke the United States into a massive counterattack that would kick-start the entire Muslim world into action. Glenn fears Hamas’ war on Israel is the Iranian version of the same strategy. And the armies of Armageddon are marching. For Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all of their proxies, this is truly a war to end all wars … and everything else. Glenn reveals their battle plans in their own words, including from mosques here in the U.S. You’ve heard the term “Axis of Evil.” Well, the president of Iran just called this the “Axis of Resistance,” and China and Russia were quick to align themselves with this new axis. Rep. Cory Mills, a Trump appointee to the Pentagon as a Department of Defense adviser, joins to explain the three things the Biden administration is already doing to further the goals of the Axis powers. Finally, why are Marxists and leftists all over the world are uniting under the war flag of Hamas? It seems insane and inhumane, but it all makes sense if you remember the prediction Glenn made at Fox News so many years ago …

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